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Yuugo is Yuu-gone on The Promised Neverland’s Season 2 Episode 3!

by Geek

I was not planning on watching the second season until the season’s complete but my social media feed tells me otherwise. This has left me with the question, where’s Yuugo? For manga readers, the introduction of Yuugo is something that brings light to the whole season 2 as it will trigger the major events that are coming next.

But before everything else, if you’re new to this anime series, checkout our previous review of The Promised Neverland.

Spoilers up ahead

As much as I would not want to spoil anything ahead of time, I’ll try to be as minimal as possible as we could not discuss Yuugo without giving off spoilers.

In the most recent episode as of this writing, the  Grace Field children have managed to arrive at their the shelter B06-32. However, to the surprise of manga readers, Yuugo an escaped child from one of the farms is not at the shelter!

It is not new that anime stray off from the original story from time to time especially when it comes to filler episodes but the loss of Yuugo as someone who awaits them inside the shelter is truly disturbing. To the point that it shocked the not so silent The Promised Neverland groups on social media.

What’s my take on this?

To the best of my opinion, it could still be that Yuugo will make a later appearance at the shelter but I honestly think that is not the case here. Yuugo is depicted in the manga as a resourceful person and will take lengths to survive. I think that it was not the case here since at the arrival of the Grace Field children, there seems to be a spoiled food at the table. Definitely not something that the resourceful Yuugo would left untouched. However, if it is to add drama to the cliff hanger on the third episode it is still possible that the he will just make a late appearance.

Season 2 will be at a loss if the Goldy Pond arc will cease to exist. It may or may not be beneficial for the story to add such twist but still, we’d definitely wait for the fourth episode after this.

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