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Until Then: A Narrative Adventure Game Set in the Philippines

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Until Then Game

Anticipate the release of an all-new and thrilling game titled Until Then in 2024. It is a Philippine-themed narrative adventure game that was created by Polychroma and released by Modus Games. It will be compatible with both PlayStation 5 and PC (Steam).

You will follow the exploits of Mark Borja and his companions as they navigate the complexities of secondary school in this video game. While adolescent-like, you will awaken in Mark’s bedroom, engage in piano practice, hasten to complete your assignments, and endure the daily insecurities that accompany high school.

However, remain steadfast, for everything will be altered upon Mark’s fateful encounter. Individuals begin to vanish, and recollections become erratic. You will discover a concealed truth alongside Mark and his companions and have a limited amount of time to solve the enigma before it becomes irretrievable.

Play Out Your Own Adventure

An aspect of Until Then worth considering is the opportunity it provides to encounter a varied and relatable ensemble of characters. You are able to communicate with them via email, text messages, and in-person. Collaborate with others on group initiatives and observe their personal narratives develop in tandem with your own.

Until Then Game Preview
Until Then Game Preview

Investigate the Setting through Everyday Technology

Prepare to discover the world of Until Then through the use of commonplace technology. You will be equipped with a smartphone that allows you to peruse social media posts, emails, webpages, and more. One never knows when indications and clues regarding the people and world around them may present themselves. It is possible to converse with classmates, acquaintances, and even strangers.

Explore Themes of Love, Loss, and Friendship

You, as the protagonist, will be confronted with philosophical dilemmas and required to make challenging decisions. Will Mark be there to defend his companions in times of need, or will he fail them? Could he experience recovery by relinquishing his attachment to the past? Throughout the narrative, Mark’s development and efforts to improve are under your control.

Play Addictively Mundane Minigames

You need not be concerned, Until Then is not entirely serious. You will also have the opportunity to participate in entertaining and highly engaging minigames. To pay for the jeepney, insert a flash drive, compete with a companion for more fish balls at a food stand, and groove. These brief diversions will transport you to an entirely new dimension of everyday life.

Immerse Yourself in a Cinematic Visual Experience

Anticipate to be mesmerized by Until Then’s breathtaking visuals. Captivating hand-drawn pixel art contributes to the cinematic atmosphere of the game. An engrossing musical score and warm hues will surround you as you explore a world attempting to recover from a calamity. As the 3D elements of objects, characters, and environments converge, the lighting, shadows, and reflections establish the ideal ambiance.

Experience a World Inspired by Philippine Locations and Culture

In Until Then, readers are invited to investigate a fictitious version of the Philippines. You will traverse landscapes inspired by the Philippines, including the vibrant capital as well as picturesque bus journeys that pass by grasslands and coastal communities. Realistically and immersively, the game depicts the essence of Philippine culture, and the interior spaces reflect the locals’ mannerisms.

Thus, remain attentive for additional Until Then updates! It is certain to be an extraordinary journey that you will not wish to be absent from.

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