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The Promised Neverland – Review

by Denueve C.

Looking for another high caliber manga to read? The Promised Neverland will surely make you hold on to whatever medium you’re using to read this really awesome manga.

The Promised Neverland is an ongoing series that features three protagonists namely Ray, Emma and Norman. The story kicks off at an orphanage where the three of them together with other foster kids live peacefully. They are the brightest among the foster kids living at Grace Field House. Having said, they were also among the kids to discover the truth behind the orphanage and their supposed “Foster Parents”.

Just like any other orphanage, Grace Field House is taking great care of the foster kids. With one head of the house to nurture them, the kids were living a life more than they would ever have dreamed of having. But what awaits them outside the orphanage? This is what the three brightest kids living at Grace Field, have discovered turning the peaceful orphanage to a thriller filled manga.

If you’re looking for something to stimulate the cells inside your strong mind, then you’d do better reading this manga. This will surely make you hold on to your reading medium longer than you’ve anticipated. Then when you reach the latest chapter… You’re sure to long for more.

The way the author goes from detail to detail, from mystery to mystery and how the talented artists behind make this manga come to life in your imagination is really astounding!

I would personally recommend this manga to those who are seeking another Death Note or Bloody Monday kind of experience. The execution of each plans, and how they come to a conclusion will surely satisfy your colorful mind.

Image Source: Goboiano

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