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CorsixTH Android App removed from Google Play

by Geek

NOTE: Thanks to Simon Nemeth for contacting Alan and letting us know that this project may still proceed as confirmed by Mr. Woolley himself! Please note his words below.

I still intend to work on it and it’s not abandoned yet… There’s a lot of work that would need putting in to the app to get it to the point of being able to release a new update, and frankly I’m not sure where I’ll be able to find that time from. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick it up again this year.

With regards to it being removed from Google Play,

Google changed their terms and policies for publishers and I haven’t had time to amend the app to comply. It will be reinstated once I have.

Despite the fact that we’re all waiting for this game’s revival on mobile, let’s take the time and appreciate the efforts done not only by Mr. Woolley, Simon and the rest of the Armed Pineapple for bringing us CorsixTH.

Original content can be viewed below.

Hi folks, let’s discuss something that was a bit nostalgic for the mean time. Let’s tackle the probability of playing Theme Hospital on an Android Platform. This is where CorsixTH comes into action. But first, let me walk you through Theme Hospital.

Theme Hospital is a business simulation game that injects the game with comedy. Its initial release was on 1997 under Bullfrog Productions and Krisalis Software. It runs on a series of platforms as well such as Microsoft Windows, Playstation and even on Playstation 3!

CorsixTH removed from Google Play! Yes, the actual application was removed from Google Play and the reason is still unclear. But what is CorsixTH by the way? CorsixTH is a clone of Theme Hospital with the intention to run on modern hardware and to implement possible development for the betterment of the game.

Currently, I’m trying to reach the Android Developer of CorsixTH but the search is still ongoing. However, upon reaching the CorsixTH fan page, they’ve been kind enough to let me know that the head developer of CorsixTH for Android, Mr. Alan Woolley has not been in contact with them for some time now.

The Android version is an independent project not managed by us. Alan has not been in contact with us for some time and his last CorsixTH for android update was 2 years ago. — CorsixTH Fan Page

It is possible that the app was removed due to it being outdated but at the same time, the last time I’ve read about the app is that it is on Beta stage.

As for my opinion, the app might have been left at Beta which is why Google Play has decided to remove it from the list of apps. The idea that Mr. Woolley himself removed the app on Play Store still remains though.

To get a hold of the old version of the app, please refer to this link given by the CorsixTH fan page.

CorsixTH for Android Old Version

For more updates regarding CorsixTH for Android, please stay tuned! I’ll definitely try to get a statement from Mr. Woolley himself regarding the removal of the app.

Image source: [1] Center Blog

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