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Bilibili Comics to Permanently Close its Doors

by Geek
Bilibili Comics to Shutdown Permanently

What’s Happening?

Sad news this morning is what I’ve had here for you readers. Bilibili Comics, a digital comic platform in China, has decided to shut down on February 29th, 2024. Unfortunately, they’re closing their doors for good!

Why Are They Closing?

So, why is Bilibili Comics closing? Well, they want to focus on other important things. They need to use their resources and attention for different business priorities. Starting from January 28th, they stopped allowing new users to sign up and existing users can’t add any more virtual coins to their accounts.

What Does This Mean for Readers?

Once February 29th comes around, the whole Bilibili Comics platform will stop working. That means you won’t be able to access any of the comics anymore. This includes both the free ones and the ones you bought with coins.

What Can Users Do Before the Closure?

Don’t worry, Bilibili Comics is trying to help its users before they close down. They will assist you with things like spending your remaining coins, getting refunds, and saving your personal data. But remember, after February 29th, the comics portal will be gone forever.

More Details About the Shutdown

Bilibili Comics has posted an announcement on their website about the shutdown. They want users to spend their remaining coins before the closure date. If you don’t want to spend your coins, you can also get a refund. You can even delete your Bilibili Comics account and request a copy of your data.

How to Get Help

If you have any questions or issues, the Bilibili Comics team will be there to help you until the shutdown date. Just send them an email at [email protected]. But remember, after July 29, 2024, they won’t be checking that email anymore.

About Bilibili Comics

Bilibili Comics started in 2021 and offered official translations of popular Chinese manga and manhua titles. They wanted to give readers a legal way to access these comics. However, it seems like they had some trouble getting more readers. They used a virtual currency system to unlock chapters, but there were already free unofficial versions available.

Even though Bilibili Comics is closing, its parent company, Bilibili, is still doing well in China. They have a video platform where people can share their own videos and watch official content. Bilibili is growing and expanding beyond just comics and anime.

So, while Bilibili Comics didn’t work out, Bilibili is still going strong. It’s just a part of their bigger plan to reach a wider audience. They started in 2009 and have come a long way since then!

That’s all for now, middle schoolers. Keep reading and enjoying your favorite comics!

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