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by TheFinalHour

We going old school today as i introduce you guys to one of the best delinquent manga. Created by the one and only Hiroshi Takahashi

Back in the 90’s hiroshi’s art quality is up par with the best the only reason this manga was underrated was at that time fantasy adventure genre rules

If you guys have watched the great crows zero movie and its awful sequels “crows explode”  and fell in love with the crows universe this the manga for you.

Join Harumichi Bouya and his shenanigans in the infamous “School of Crows” Suzuran All-Boys Highschool whether its about beating up deliqeunts from other schools and gangs or fighting the legendary RINDAMAN.

No superpowers no chakra no kii only pure raw physical strength

if you haven’t read it yet then read it now!

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