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Doctor Mike finally reacts to Cells at Work!

by Geek
Doc Mike Reaction to Cells at Work!

Peewop! The internet celebrity doctor finally took the time to review Cells at Work! Based on the video his page released the other day, the request was going on for quite some time now. Real doctor, doctor Mike reaction video for Cells at Work!

Honestly speaking I am a fan of Doctor Mike. It feels like he gives of this vibrant vibe that makes you interested on his profession. And guess what? To those who are guilty of requesting for him to make a review on Cells at Work, it finally happened!

If you’re not familiar with Doctor Mike, he’s a family medicine doctor who’s Russian-born American and became an internet celebrity. He mainly gives off reaction videos and elaborates his experiences and knowledge on the topic at hand.

Cells at Work has been highly praised even before for its accuracy on its plot, so hearing the reaction of a doctor might not even be surprising anymore.

To view his reaction, please refer to the link or video below:

To take the words of Doctor Mike,

It’s well done. It’s entertaining, it’s funny. For nerds like myself who love learning the human body and refreshing some of their knowledge from medical school and the in-college days, this is brilliant. It’s creative, you gotta give ’em that.

Do you watch Cells at Work!? Care to share your thoughts? Drop ’em at the comment box down below!

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