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Leaks for COD: Mobile Upcoming Season 2

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 2

New Multiplayer Mode: Mobility Battle.

We have some great news for all of you Call of Duty: Mobile enthusiasts out there. Leaks for Season 2 have revealed a whole new multiplayer option known as Mobility Battle. This mode is inspired by Black Ops 3 and allows you to perform amazing tasks such as wall running and using jetpacks.

New Battle Royale class: Jet Boost

But wait—there’s more! Season 2 will also include a new Battle Royale class, Jet Boost. We don’t have all of the facts just yet, but we can expect some exciting news in the coming weeks. Prepare to soar over the heavens!

Season 2 features new weaponry, including the Jocker Launcher and Karambit. Prepare for the Jocker Launcher and Karambit melee weapon from Modern Warfare. These weapons are sure to deliver a punch and make your gaming experience even more exciting.

Chinese Lunar New Year-themed Armory Series

Prepare to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with style! Season 2 will feature an intriguing new Armory Series with a holiday theme. Legendary skins such as the Zodiac Beast and Dragon Dance are rumored, but have yet to be formally confirmed.

New Rank Series and Rewards

Season 2 will also include a new rank series, giving you even more targets to work toward. And if you enjoy Battle Royale, you might just get the amazing Urban Tracker as a reward. Keep an eye out for further information about these intriguing additions.

Season 2 Release Date:

The big question on everyone’s mind is when Season 2 will begin. If the leaks are correct, Season 1 will end on February 7, 2024, and Season 2 will begin on February 8, 2024. Mark your calendars and prepare for some spectacular gaming!

Remember that these leaks have not been officially confirmed by the devs, thus things may change. But we can’t help but be enthusiastic about all the amazing new features coming in COD: Mobile Season 2. Stay tuned for future developments!

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