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Case Closed: The Million-dollar Pentagram Movie Coming Soon!

by Geek
Cased Closed - The million dollar pentagram

Get ready to celebrate because a brand new Case Closed movie is on its way to theaters! Set to premiere on April 12 in Japan, this movie is sure to capture our hearts and keep us entertained.

New Visuals and Trailers

We’ve been treated to some awesome new key visuals and English-subbed trailers that have us all super excited. Seeing our favorite characters back in action brings back all the feels and nostalgia.

About the Movie

The Team Behind the Magic

The movie is directed by Chika Nagaoka, with Takahiro Okura handling the screenplay. The characters are beautifully designed by Masatomo Sudo, who also serves as the chief animation director. Yugo Kanno is in charge of the music, and we even have the scoop on the Opening Theme Song – “Soushi Souai” performed by AIKO.

Get Ready by Rewatching

While we wait for the movie to come out, why not rewatch some old episodes of Case Closed? You can always count on Crunchyroll to have your back and keep you entertained.

Plot of the Movie

The story kicks off with a message from Kid the Phantom Thief, who is out to steal a valuable Japanese Sword that belongs to the wealthy Onoe Family in Hakodate Hokkaido. Luckily, Conan and Heiji Hattori are on the scene and try to stop Kid from causing any trouble. But things take a dark turn when the Onoe family’s lawyer is murdered using the same Japanese Sword. As the mystery unravels, we discover a connection between the Onoe Family Grandfather and the army industry. There’s suspense, drama, and a whole lot more – you won’t want to miss it!\

Source: Crunchyroll

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