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Snowbreak: Containment Zone Unleashes “Ballad of Chaos” Update

by Geek
Snowbreak: Containment Zone

All you Snowbreak: Containment Zone lovers out there! The game has just received its latest update, version 1.5, titled “Ballad of Chaos.” Let us dive in and explore what’s new!

New Character: Katya

One of the nicest aspects of this update is the addition of a brand-new character named Katya. You might remember her as a boss in a previous patch, but she is now playable! Katya is a 5-star character, which means she is extremely powerful and possesses some amazing powers.

New weapon: Crossbow

With the addition of Katya, the game also has a new weapon archetype: the crossbow. This means that gamers can now arm their characters with a crossbow and unleash arrows on their foes. The crossbow is convenient because there is no need to reload, but it cannot land critical hits. So there’s a trade-off!

New Skins

Who doesn’t enjoy dressing their avatars in cool outfits? This update includes five new skins for various characters. Katya, Fritia, Acacia, and Fenny all have skins available for purchase to enhance their appearance. You can unlock Haru’s skin by completing the game’s battle pass. So, prepare to show off your trendy side!

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